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Controlled destruction of the Left


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For the last few days, I've been thinking that the NWO is purposely destroying the Left. I'll give some examples. I hope some of you brothers will chime in with your perspectives.

The first example is the total, blatant, Leftism of the MSM. This Leftism is corrosive and easily identified. This Leftism also promotes heavy censorship across all aspects of society.

Most of the promoters within the MSM are resource rich. When Matt Lauer got cancelled a few years ago. He was already well off. Those talking heads have agents who negotiate contracts on behalf of the talking head. So they get the most resources before they get the big break.

Sure he's gone. Before the plug was pulled on him. He had millions, he also didn't get hit in court with a kangaroo trial. So his nest egg is pretty secure at that point in time.

My suspicion is that. Each of those talking heads could care less if what they spout is total BS and implosive. No matter what happens, they've got millions and contacts within the main lever pulling society.

The MSM, world governments, and mega corporations. Have all been on a self destruction railroad for at least 10 years. With no indication at this point. That they want to slow it down.

I have a suspicion that the goal. For most of the mega rich billionaires. Is actually an unassailable right-wing, conservative acting power base.

This psychotic leftism is in my opinion. A controlled leftism destruction operation. So that when TPTB bring in a right-wing hero. He'll be at the head of hundreds of millions of armed conservative men. 

Any who oppose that conservative man. Will probably be killed very quickly, and unnoticed. Also, no one will really care. Because any deviation from that man's directives. Will be branded as 'luny leftism' which nearly destroyed all society. 

I'm starting to be more convinced of the above. Because on nearly every platform I go to on the internet. Conservative viewpoints are almost unanimous. The true believer leftists get down voted to oblivion. Those individuals seem to be so dense, that nothing gets through to them. So IRL they'll be easily identifiable and disposed of without anyone of their neighbors caring. Because they're a caustic, unpleasant human to be around for more that 2 minutes.

I'm more concerned about how to stay independent. After those caustic useful idiots are purged from society. Those caustic retards are so loud and arrogant. As well as have spouted so much double speak. That someone can easily cite any speech back to one of those morons. So nearly anything can be luny leftist speech.


That's my observation upto now.

God bless brothers.

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