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Female talents  


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11/09/2020 4:17 pm  

Last time I looked at online dating profiles Id see see women list what they're good at. I'd frequently see Eating. Shopping. Watching tv. Falling asleep. Essential bodily functions which require no effort or talent. On the upper end of impressive skills were sarcasm or oral sex.

As for me, I'm trilingual and grad school educated. Self-employed and at the top of my field. I own several houses and could rebuild them myself if I needed to. I've won regional and international artistic and athletic titles. If my current industry collapsed, I could change careers in several directions, assuming there was demand. I've had several hobbies over the years which have developed my mind, body, and talents, and consequently I'm knowledgeable enough about my secondary circles of interest.

I always figured women list these talents as a joke, and it may be. As of the 90s it became popular to make fun of yourself and what a loser you are, and it's supposed to be really funny. But these days I'm not so sure. When you see the attitude that emerges from many women when they do the most basic things, and what a huge accomplishment it is for them to do x all by themselves without a man (which often means with the help of friends, including other men lol). And if you hang around these basic bitches and realize they truly can't do much, WHY WOULD I WANT THEM AROUND.

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11/09/2020 11:24 pm  

In all fairness, I have met women who were talented or smart in some way, and there are basic bitches in both genders. But when 99% of girls admit to being useless, and neither of us can find anything they're good at, it's time for them to go.  Even in traditional skills like culinary arts, parenting, budgeting home resources they often come up short. Often it has never crossed their mind to try and learn these or any skills. Sometimes they do try and end up in a crying fit, miserable and cursing about being a woman. Im still amazed. And have come to believe them: WOMEN ARE USELESS.

Narrow road
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12/09/2020 7:25 am  

I'll add my two cents. Women are created to assist man. All of observable reality points in that direction. 

Since entrance into western government indoctrination camps. Women are shown the opposite of reality. 

When a girl enters the indoctrination center at 5 years old. Every adults' mission in that setting. Is to make sure she believes she's superior to the boys.

An indoctrinator will be fired if they don't show preferential treatment towards girls. Indoctrination administrators make curriculum that indoctrinators must follow. Principal indoctrinators exist to make sure regular indoctrinators are indoctrinating according to current Marxist ideology.

In my opinion, that's a significant factor for a large percentage of women. Being on psychological medication. Cognitive dissonance is more pronounced. The longer she's outside of the indoctrination camps influence.

Womans' basic programming is to please authority. Many times when she believes she's a rebel. She's pleasing the standard operation of her Marxist indoctrinators.

Her Marxist indoctrinators made her feel good during the time they had authority over her. When she recited thier ideology back to them. They responded with a 'good job, you get an "A". You responded with Marxist double think.' 

Now regarding the online profiles. The woman posters are doing what they've been doing since girl hood. Say the things they believe an authority figure wants to hear.

She believes that another person cares that she enjoys eating. That's what all of the reality shows display as positive. Those women essentially parrot what tv programs show to parrot. 

In my summation. A woman has at least13 years of formative indoctrination. Molding her into a Marxist robot. I can't reasonably expect to communicate across that bridge. So for me. They've got a lot of lumps to live through. It's sad to see at times. But, the State has put an enormous amount of tax money into their 'Perfect Woman' project. I don't have time to sort that shit out.

God bless brothers.

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12/09/2020 7:04 pm  

I've never met any talented woemon. I did try "Internet Dating" over 20 years ago and quickly realised that it was shit. The reason woecunts like it so much is because it's like shopping and choosing a dress, pair of clogs, war paint and wiggling off down the road in that stompy up their own arse way, they are so good at.


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14/09/2020 2:51 pm  

Great topic!


Along with what Narrow Road wrote, females have also been programmed for instant gratification.  They have been taught that ZERO effort should be needed to get anything.  This is why their marriages fail, as they put zero effort into maintaining it.


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14/09/2020 6:21 pm  

I noticed this from an early age when I started dating. All the girls I met or talked to online pretty much said the same things. Didn't really have any hobbies or interests, nothing unique or original to say, couldn't carry a conversation...they were boring. I started to wonder what they were all doing with their lives, but didn't really think too much of it at the time because I was so busy developing myself.

Now I'm in my mid-30's, have a doctorate degree and a great career. I'm in great shape, since I've been working out and staying active my whole life. I've got tons of skills, and can fix anything from cars and houses to electronics and firearms. I can prepare all my favorite meals with little effort, keep my house clean and organized, and my finances are in order. Life is good, I'm pretty much living on easy street.

Most girls my age wanted nothing to do with me in their 20's, even though they were doing nothing with their lives. Now they are looking for a guy like me to take care of them and bail them out. They either have very little education, or degrees in useless fields. They work at soul-crushing jobs they hate, and rely on welfare to survive. They are struggling financially, often in debt, and frequently have illegitimate children. Most of them are now overweight, with chronic health problems from never exercising and eating junk food. And many are emotionally damaged too, on benzos and anti-depressants, from living an empty degenerate lifestyle fueled by drugs, alcohol, and casual sex and lots of strangers. Still no hobbies outside of watching tv, eating junk food and sleeping.

I just take one look at them now, and I think why bother? I've worked so hard, for so long, and my life is finally coming together. Why would I want to risk everything I've worked for to be with one of them? Most of them would add absolutely nothing of value to my life, they would just make it much there's a good chance they would actually fuck it up horribly and could even do permanent damage. Any desire I once had to get into a relationship or marriage is long gone...all I want now is to live a good, peaceful life. I'd just rather not deal with them now.

That's not to say I view all women that way or hate women. There are a few who I like and respect, who are good people...but the vast majority seem to fit that cookie-cutter stereotype. In general I try to keep my distance from them as much as I can...I'd rather be overly cautious than make stupid mistakes which might cost me big in the long term.

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15/09/2020 1:44 am  

Talking to a woman is like talking to a wall, she has no interests, doesn't even know what's going on in the world. Doesn't even know what's going on in her town. What a waste of space, She doesn't watch any news, just worried about having her life on easy mode. Must be so nice getting everything for free.

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