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I need gift suggestions for a independent man.  


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He is an average guy, mid 30s and I want get him a gift. 
The price limit is about $100. It can be any category but should be useful.
It should be something I can wrap and maybe engrave. It can be a tool, tech(not software), etc. useful, pragmatic.
What would you give him or maybe what would you like to receive. It not be used every day, but might come in handy for X.

Let me know what you think.

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Can't go wrong with a Leatherman multi-tool. They are useful for tons of things, and you can carry them around with you or just leave them in places you're likely to use them (ie on a coffee table, in a glove compartment, etc)

Not only that, but they are just super cool and last pretty much forever. Lots of people just like to collect them as a hobby. 

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I agree with Xanthine a Leatherman is a GREAT idea! Or and Instapot pressure cooker. Love MINE! 😇 

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Ammunition.  Then he can buy a gun to shoot it!

Some type of personal protection device.  A Streamlight or other extremely bright flashlight.

A pair of heavy duty jumper cables?

A 12 volt (cigarette lighter adapter) air compressor to fill vehicle tires, and a tire plug kit. 

A Kershaw pocketknife.

A fire extinguisher sized can of bear mace and a rape whistle.

A personalized shot glass or cocktail glass and a bottle of Jameson...

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