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NEw Gaurdian Article Claims Women Are Being Punished For MeToo  

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Warrior Angel
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02/09/2019 7:58 pm  

😮 😥 

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02/09/2019 8:28 pm  

As I became very knowledgeable about cunts and how inferior their operating system is, it took me 35 years to "meet" my first chameleon "girlfriend".

Well, what do you know... She dropped her mask very soon into the 6 to 8 week "relationshit" and I let her go ahead with everything while just watching her.

I know that if I ever complained about her shitty ways I would give her a chance to "better herself" and optimize her strategy of fooling me into believing she is "the right one" for me... I let everything slide just to see how far she will go once she gets "the power".

She turned into the most evil spoiled brat you could imagine. Giving me 20 years of a dead marriage in pain and agony compressed into 6 weeks.

Including knocking / pushing over my forehead with her hand, forcefully bending my head back whenever she felt I had said something that she "thought" was stupid. It sometimes felt in the neck like I just had a minor car accident without head restraints... And it made me MAD. Since the child care cunts in that Childrens' Home did the same thing years earlier.

Cunts are so dumb, they aren't even aware of what they do wrong and why I threw her out one Sunday morning in late 2002.

Since then, no cunt has ever again spent multiple nights in a row at my place. I saw how evil they can be in fooling you about their fucked up personality.

She later falsely accused her bosses gay brother of rape... I was spared because - after telling her what I would do with "someone like that" - she was surely afraid of meeting her match and end up dying on the open road. Getting hit by a stunt driver taking her out with a stolen car... (I made her scream while showing her what I would do if someone would ever threaten her - before I began to realize that she was the actual problem and not the mysterious men who were after her)

She must have done this regularly: She had the money to meet me at expensive places while she was still an apprentice...???

And I then realized why she was always neurotic about people driving behind us or she was scanning every parking space in fear of someone being after her...

She told me fishy stories on why "they are after her". Well the "drug dealer bride" who didn't even know what hash looks like, LOL.

Yep, #metoo hopefully takes it's inner toll on cunts. They never know if a man who lost everything because of her might come out of the black, kill her in cold blood and disappear into the blue - even years later.

I would if I ever got hit by such deliberate abuse. (Back then, such a false accusation would have been disastrous to me as a local businessman. To this day I am glad this bullet passed me by) (And she got to live... I would have tracked her down and snipered her evil ass out of existence - without doing one day in the big house over it)

As I always said to friends: I would scrape the registration seal off of her license plate. Years after, when everything has grown over.

Men should learn to do that too. This would stop the cunts for good.

BTW, violence - I mean Counter-violence - as a reaction to her first offense is the only thing that stops them. Ever wondered why they preach to us that "violence is no solution" - from the day we are born???

Because it works. Retaliating works well. And they want us to live in the dark, defenseless to their constant abuse.

Forever Uncunted - If it has a vagina, it has to go!

Warrior Angel
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02/09/2019 8:38 pm  

When women become violent, it is time to immediately terminate the relationship.  If one is attacked, one has the moral right and imperative to defend oneself.  However, many women in our twisted society will claim that men, not they, were not the aggressors and the cops and courts will believe them.  Many men have been harmed by this paradigm.  

Matcha Savage
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03/09/2019 1:55 pm  
Posted by: @gargamel

BTW. Germany was no. 1 in the worldwide child abuse statistics for decades back then - and that's why we are now going extinct.

A very good point. Beat me to it.

Posted by: @gargamel

NEVER take any kind of shit from a cunt.

"Absence of self is my sword" - Bushido



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This site has been a scam from the start. I am outta here.

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