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One man laying my cards on the table.  


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Many readers are aware that this site went down for a period of time.

Another site similar to this one went down about 2 years ago. 

I'm laying it all out here. Because on the other site I didn't.

I'm Christian. Since I was a boy. Whenever girls or teachers, or my older sister, or my mom, or my grandma would state women are superior. My self would be repulsed. 

The Bible taught me how to be a man. At least three of the books within the Bible God severely castigates the men of Israel. For not defending the fatherless.

Here my culture is, 2500 years later. Doing the exact same thing. Not acknowledging God. Not showing fatherless men how to be good in the sight of God. 

The ones who claim to be God's Gospel publishers. Completely gave over care of fatherless men to Socialist employees. 

Lindon Johnson's Great Society castrated all private charities. Any charitable American orginazation could pass along a social ill to the Government. The Federal Government has way more money than local men caring for their own neighborhood.

The US government since FDR has been Socialist. So here each of us live in 2020. Many of our Grandmother's were enchanted by all those Socialist promises.

Thier daughters were cared for. As far as those women were concerned it's a grand victory for women. 

A red pill is that women. Only care about women and women that exit thier bodies. It was very easy to get women who never earned suffrage. To believe that everything is free. Another red pill. Is that nearly everything has been free for the Western woman.

Even before Western Woman's suffrage. They weren't abused in the Western colonization of the Americas.  In fact the Bible states in 1 Peter to make space for the fact that woman are weaker than man in all aspects. Just like man is weaker than Jesus Messiah in all aspects.

That's my yammering that I don't want to be forgotten. So I said my peace here and now.

God Bless Brothers.