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Review of the Best Hotel in Toronto  


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Any of you thinking of visiting Toronto should seriously look in to staying at the Hampton Inn which is reviewed in the above link.

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I have always wanted to visit my northern cousins and have some fries & gravy!

The shortest route would be thru Chicago (Illinois), Gary (Indiana), and Detroit (Michigan), and it would only take about 10 hours (600 miles).  I would rather drive north thru the upper peninsula, thru Sault Saint Marie, and around the Great Lakes (825 miles).

Visiting the Halifax area is on my bucket list, as I still love watching reruns of "The Trailer Park Boys".

It would be great to see our Brother "The Voice Of Reason"!


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Always check a hotel for bedbugs.  Trust me on this

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Well I'm very disappointed--if you are going to have homeless, beggars and whores WHERE the hell are the drug peddlers? Years ago I stayed at a fancy pants hotel in Atlanta near renaissance park --- Dwontown---and it had EVERYTHING: pan-handlers, beggars, whores by the truck load homeless and drug dealers galore! It was a veritable cornucopia of human filth and corruption. Quite refreshing!   

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