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She's just trying to help.  


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02/01/2020 4:35 am  

Looks like a few hundred fools trust them and have joined but some of us not convinced. I know, I know, its stalkbook but it can be useful at times.


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02/01/2020 6:21 am  

Whenever I link to TIM in one of my CuckTube comments, they instantly shadowban that comment...

But I leave them on BitChute.

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02/01/2020 5:23 pm  

Great one Aussie! Glad to see you have not burned up--the news claims your country is burning down. Anyway this raises an interesting point. This group is run by a pair of women---what do they get out of it? What is the catch? They are not going to invest their time/energy/resources in this if they gain nothing. My guess would be they either want attention; or this is a slick way to canvass for a dude with $$$$. 

Uly The Cunning
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02/01/2020 5:25 pm  

Rock on!

Little known truth about those public places. They keep records, and can report the men at any time for being a danger to themselves or others. They use that right frequently in some areas, while others, it is just a potential threat to your freedom. They claim it is in your best interest, but it is simply a power and control thing.

"Remember, you're fighting for this woman's honor, which is probably more than she ever did."
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02/01/2020 7:03 pm  

Ah yes, Ye Olde safe spaces gambit. That old chestnut. Isn't that what a Pub used to be?

See, I wouldn't buy it. It doesn't take long before they (woe-men) start with the advice on how you can rebuild your life. Then the job allocations begin (or "Why don't you work for nothing, you'll enjoy it.")then they try to convince you that it'll be good for you. As I'm sure many have said...It's too late. When you burn your hand on hot stuff like fires and ovens, do you willingly place your mits against them hot bits, and fires, again? As they say on Dragons Den (as the camera pans right into their nostrils)"I'm out."

Trust has to be earned and when that trust is b0mb3d out into millions of fragments no sweet image is gonna entice me. It's definitley a problem for me to ever trust another woe-man run organisation ever again. Quite a shocking thought (my bad - used to be a shocking thought). Remember Newt in Aliens. "Yeah, come with us big tough marines, you'll be safe." "Err, no, I take my chances in this cramped ventilation shaft thanks."

I feel like I'm venting a bit too much now so I'll go back to sleep.

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