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So I figured Id give an Update...


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Hey guys,


Been a minute. I figure i'd give an update as I know some of you were subscribers to my 'former" channel on Youtube. To be short, they were looking for ways to remove me and did so handing me 2 strikes and a warning for "Medical Misinformation" from the Dr's who review videos at youtube 🤣, and then 3rd struck me for the 4th time in a month, for the word "Pussy" in a 1 minute trailer pointing to my Odysee channel stating it had "Nudity & Sexuality" in it or a link I produced (there was none of course).

My entire channel was backed up on Odysee well before all of this, as I foresaw what was to come, as such, if you would like to subscribe, im right here (top link)  

Cheers men, I hope you are all doing well.



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Many thanks MAN! 

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I have been keeping tabs on it, as a slew of YouTube videos are vanishing. There is hardly a whisper about it, but there is a major movement on the censorship front. I have been in observer mode, but I continue to vote up your videos with the TIM YouTube channel and watch your videos.

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