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The 40 Year old Grandfather  


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There was movie around 10 years ago named the 40 year old Virgin. Every Hollywierd anybody knew Steve Carrel would be perfect for the role.

The Story is about a chaste man existing until he's 40. Then every worker bee around him makes it thier goal. To have a woman have sex with that chaste 40 year old man.

It's a ridiculous farce.

Most men who married in mankind's history. Were a young grandfather by 40. By 60, they were surrounded by beautiful Grandchildren who wanted some Grandpapa attention.

Men have a clock as well. Father Time is a good representative of the inevitable. Everyone ages, enjoy your time under the sun. Your own life will continue according to it's season.

In this age many of us red pill men. Have been living according to a 40 year old man grandfather clock. It's a part of why many of us were confused at the outset of our suffering.

It may be why many of us spent more time suffering. A 20 year old man can easily reproduce and provide for his offspring. 

A 40 year old man can easily have fed, and taught a 20 year old man to be a father. Therefore a 40 year old Grandfather has always been normal.

In this reality. Us men have been under assault for centuries. Most good things I think about are a mortal sin under our unelected Socialist overlords. A 40 year old grandfather is just one of the mortal sins.

God bless brothers.

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Intersting perspective Narrow. That film was deffinitely very odd. In reality though, the character that was unable to "hide the sausage" for so long into his adult life would have had to have had a few more "issue" than the one they portrayed. I don't think I need to go into what I mean by that. Then of course, it wouldn't be entertainment if they had had a "real" man that found it particularly difficult to engage.

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I have something in UNcommon with Steve Carrel's character, in that I RIDE A BICYCLE TO GET EVERYWHERE, but don't give a shit how low-status any woman thinks I am. That movie had some funny lines but of course was otherwise garbage.

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Riding a bicycle or walking places is smart my friend. I've considered doing it myself saving on car insurance and gas and vehicle maintenance puts more money in your pocket.

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Never saw it to be honest.

My mum and Auntie went to see it at the cinema. Or 'pictures' as they called it!! 🤣 🤣 

My mum fell asleep.

They should have done a follow up to The 40 year old virgin....

Set around here, it could have been called 'The 30 year old Grandma'. 

My brother swears blind that he once saw a banner hung outside a house saying....

'Happy 30th Birthday Granny'. 


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It wouldn't surprise me with thots these days.

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