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Dating is job interview  


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02/08/2019 5:08 pm  

If you look at it, dating is like an interview going on for months. You show her how you can entertain her, what gifts you can buy for her, how much y0u can earn. In short, how good of a lackey you are. That is what "love" is. Divorce is a breach of bond in which you lose half of your shit, no matter who breaches the contract.

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Old Buck
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03/08/2019 2:30 am  

I love the shit tests, random asshole moves to see what your reaction is.  She does something completely fucking retarded and you aren't supposed to get mad...

I have left two girlfriends at the bar when they started hitting on other men.  They wanted me to fight other guys for their attention, or see me get mad at Chad.  Fuck that.  Those whores would of financially raped me and then moved on to the next victim.  

I don't miss any of that.  I enjoy the peace and quiet.  When I want to listen to noise I go for a bike ride!

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