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Why are independent males feared? What does society have against us?


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It is very simple.  We can say "NO".  We reject the propaganda and programming constantly injected into our lives.  We are free thinkers, able to make choices for ourselves.  We do not need others telling us what to do or what direction to take.  We are not easily controlled. 

When a person is uneducated and can't understand something, they usually fear it.  These people have a lack of deductive reasoning, linear thinking, and empathy.  They cannot think outside of the box or try to understand another viewpoint.  These people are dangerous idiots. 

Women seek partners whom they can control.  They are attracted to the 666: six figure income, six foot tall, and six pack abs.  BUT when they find these types of men, they get mad at not being able to control them.  When they meet a beta male who is subservient, they are repulsed.  Is it no wonder why females are so confused and lonely?

These are the people screaming "incels" and hurling threats.  We are considered dangerous just for choosing to be single?  We should be hailed as heroes, openly empowering women to be single and responsible for their actions and choices.  WE are the men helping women become the very person they desire to be.  Independent.




There is nothing common about common sense anymore.  Up is down, wrong is right, and male is female. 

We have an advantage.  We have seen things thru a blue pill AND a red pill lens.  We have lived an alternate reality.  We CAN see the future.  We don't see things in black and white, but in 3D...

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