International Narcissism, Entitlement and Anti-Social Behavior Awareness Day ~ by Machiavelli

By sheer coincidence International Women’s Day, now coincides with the new public interest awareness day of:

International Narcissism, Entitlement and Anti-Social Behavior Awareness Day.

This day is about turning the focus back onto science and evidence based approaches and away from gender based politics, to increase awareness that criminal behavior and selfish entitled narcissistic self interest is anti-social behavior and contrary to the interests of the greater good of civilized people in democracies. Remember, criminal and anti-social behavior is a result of behavioral traits such as entitlement and anti-social behavior and not gender.

#metoo is really #revengetoo

Feminism = Anti-Social Behaviorism, Narcissism & Entitlement-ism

It’s funny because it’s true. And the greater public are waking up to it.

But like Gandhi said, an eye for an eye will leave the whole world blind, male independence is not the same as their #revengetoo because the focus is the public interest.

Exposing their discredited Duluth model benefits as many women as men, because it allows women to avoid dangerous relationships as it equally benefits men the same way.

~ Machiavelli

What is the true marriage and divorce rate?

When we discuss marriage and divorce, many who still defend this institution, point to the statistics that are put out by the government. What they fail to do is look into where those numbers come from. Interestingly enough, those numbers have been changed well after those years have passed. Even more intriguing is how many exclusions are present when discussing divorce numbers.

With marriage statistics, it is mostly cut and dry. The numbers were fluffed some, as explained by the revision statement, but they are relatively correct.
When it comes to reporting the statistics of divorce, we begin to see some interesting additional notes. Mainly that some of the largest divorce rate locations are omitted from this. California has the highest divorce rate of any state, and is said to have more divorces than any other state, yet they fail to be included in this report year after year. Hawaii is also a high divorce rate state, also excluded. When you look up the statistic for California, they are listed by county, and only select counties, and details are very difficult to find. In fact, the details usually just state that the divorce rate is 60 percent, despite that looking at certain counties as trend, it would be over 70 percent.
So what is the real divorce rate? I think it is suffice to say that it is bad enough that the government does not want you to know. When you have to put doctored reports, and even alter decade old reports for appearance, then you know the reality is far worse than what they will tell.

With divorce and family court being one of the largest income businesses for the government, it is no wonder they don’t want people to worry about it. But with the marriage rate being lower than ever recorded before, the government is beginning to worry. That, and the fact that our population of American citizens is decreasing, with a very low birth rate that follows a low marriage and high divorce rate. This is not an exclusive situation to the United States. Nearly every nation is seeing this in their own statistics and trends.

With this becoming too big to hide behind doctored statistic reports, it might be time for the government to start thinking of cause and effect. The cause is easy to find, by looking at the one things all of these nations have in common. The common denominator of these nations is the introduction of Feminism, which is a disease to society and family. With feminism, females never mentally mature and fail to accept even the simplest of responsibilities. The men are trampled by this female behavior, and taken to task to make up for the deficiencies of the females. As such, Men no longer want females in their lives and females want a dozen or more men in theirs. The only cure for this is to hold females responsible and remove laws holding men accountable for female behavior.

~Uly the Cunning

Hikkomori; an “Analysis” ~ by The Evil Genius

Hikikomori is the phenomenon of social isolation. Or as we understand it: exiting society. Below is a video lecture on the topic of hikikomori . What is interesting in the video is that this is treated as a mental illness. Social withdraw is considered a “problem”–a clinical illness one “suffers”. And the lecturer makes an interesting Freudian slip at 17:50 in which he describes people “suffering” from social isolation as “infected” then corrects himself with the word “affected”. So from his point of view those who reject the distractions and illusions of society have somehow been infected with something that must be treated.

As MGTOW we know there is nothing “wrong” with these guys but something very “right” with them/us. The lecturer never considers the possibility that these men have evaluated the toxic/destructive forces of our society and simply decided to remove themselves from this environment. In fact he never even discusses the environmental influences but just assumes that society is WONDERFUL and anyone questioning it must be mentally ill. Obviously his premise is deeply flawed, and fails to recognize the individual CHOICE men have made–oh no that doesn’t enter into the equation at all.

He does however recognize that men withdrawing from the rat race imperils society–and THAT is the real point. This is all about men choosing to refrain from rescuing a doomed society. Well I have some bad news for this guy. It is not the men who are mentally disturbed, it is society that has the problem. And all the drugs and therapy in the world will not halt the movement of men away from this cesspool. We will continue to enjoy the peace and tranquility of solitude and we will watch their filthy, self-destructive, society consume itself and burn to ground. Good riddance.

~The Evil Genius

(How society tries to illustrate hikikomori as, calling it a syndrome):

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(What hikikomori really is):

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It is not unhealthy to be wise and enjoy life.

The Evolution Of The Modern Woman by JDAnderson

Let’s go back about 150 years. Back in that day, there were men who were without women. They were ranch hands or on cattle drives. However, if you were to have a little plot of land, and you were farming or raising livestock, a woman would come in very handy. Having children was a plus back then, because they would work right along with you at a very young age. Now if you found yourself in this lifestyle, you NEEDED a woman. It would take a day just to do the laundry. It would take hours to cook dinner. Things were not very easy for men or women back then. It was a tough life, but marriage was seen as a partnership.

The turn of the century brought “women’s suffrage” and they march for the right to vote. They also helped push prohibition. This was early feminism, yet a lot of it was overlooked because of the changing times, the industrial revolution, and the Great War was more in the minds of men.

During the “roaring twenties”, amazing inventions came to the households, like the refrigerator and washing machine. This made homemaking easier. Then World War 2 hit, and the men had to cross oceans to fight. This left a void in the workforce, only to be filled by women. So while “Rosie The Riveter” was the mascot of the women who had to sacrifice so much working 10 to 12 hours a day while the men were storming the beaches of Normandy or Iwo Jima, being killed, losing limbs, dying of hypothermia in The Battle Of The Bulge, etc.

WW2 was won, and the men came home. The women went back to their lives as homemakers. But there was an undercurrent the modern man of the 50’s couldn’t see. Women had it easier than ever, with machines in their houses that did most of their work for them, modern medicine curing some of the worst illnesses, and the children and husband is away at work and school most of the day. This became stressful to the modern woman. Men had an answer for this in the “Mother’s Little Helper” which was Valium. This helped them get through the day full of monotony. However, this is when we see women act like children. They deserve better, they deserve happiness, whether it be at the expense of their children or husband, it doesn’t matter.

The 1960’s come along and this is when it all hits the fan. Women are burning their bras, becoming militant against “the patriarchy”, and they refuse to belittle themselves to just taking care of children, and being housewives. Political movements pushing the ERA among other things change the landscape of this once great country. This is the beginning.

The 70’s and 80’s sees split up families, a rapid rise in single mothers, and the true rise of the family court system. This is when it is shown that men are needed for one thing, writing a monthly check. It is taught to males that we are not needed in a child’s life, in fact, we are toxic to children. We just need to mail a monthly check. Yet there is a rise of drug use among teenagers. With the lack of discipline and security from a father, these fatherless children look to something else to fill that void. The government and our society doesn’t know what is happening, why street gangs are on the rise, yet the answer is right under their noses.

The 90’s is prime for feminism, our first true First Lady Feminist is in the White House and she will most definitely be the first woman president one day herself. The original feminist of the 1960’s are now getting a bit older, and passing the torch on to the younger generation. As men, we still are not sure what to do. The movie Fight Club comes out in 1999, and it scares the women because it pretty much tells us men we don’t really need a woman, and it gets the gears turning in the heads of the modern man. Yet this is short lived, because 9/11 happens, and while women can still continue to live their lives, we men are asked to fight two wars. This is when my generation was shown what a woman can really do, for when a man spends a tour fighting in Iraq, then comes back to no home, no money, and divorce papers, we all know who the sacrificial gender is.

Facebook came out in mass in 2005, and the iPhone in 2008. This is when the selfie became so great. Now we have multi billion dollar companies that have based their success off of the narcissistic modern woman. I truly is all about them. They are wonderful creatures, getting unique tattoos, putting up quotes on their walls to try and fill the empty void they always feel, and taking 100 selfies just to find the one that doesn’t make them look fat so they can post it for the world to see.

Now we get MGTOW and GYOW and MRAs. What the modern woman is doing is quite unsustainable, and is just a house of cards (they know it), yet the independent man has been around since the beginning of time. From the Old Testament prophets like Elijah and Micah, to the New Testament great men like Paul, John, Matthew, and Timothy. Then move forward to men like Henry David Thoreau, Nikola Tesla, The Wright Brothers, and Beethoven.

What we are seeing now is women living an unsustainable life. The average THOT is only good for 3 things; sex, taking selfies, and social media.

What we are seeing in the modern independent man is something that has been proven successful for thousands of years. And we often find great things come from independent men. What great things will come from our generation?


Know the Signs

The ability to identify dangerous situations and dangerous females is a key skill for The Independent Man. Machiavelli, has created a critically important model to use in assessing the risks at hand.

Sexual attraction can cause a lapse in judgment, especially in younger men. Having this knowledge to ground your reasoning and keep your senses about you can be the difference between having a good time or being the target of a false accusation that can wind you up in jail and stick with you for the rest of your life.

What is The Independent Man?

With society continually redefining things to fit their perspectives, it is helpful to lay out precise and exact meanings. You can define The Independent Man simply as a man who is independent,

“independent [in-di-pen-duh nt]
1) not influenced or controlled by others in matters of opinion, conduct, etc.; thinking or acting for oneself: an independent thinker.
2) not subject to another’s authority or jurisdiction; autonomous; free:
an independent businessman.
3) not influenced by the thought or action of others: independent research.
4) not dependent; not depending or contingent upon something else for existence, operation, etc.”

but “what is The Independent Man” is far more complex. This is because people are not as simple as a single definition.

With describing The Independent Man, it is best to ask the men themselves.

-“Veteran, Father, Survivor, Free Thinking, Man of Action, and Leader,” Gregbo.
-“Man of God, Warrior, Patriot, Philosopher, and Adventurer,” 53 Clicksup.
-“Don’t follow ‘status quo’, always triggered, speak the truth,” Red Pill Bible.
-“Entrepreneur, troubleshooter, adrenaline junkie, free thinker, analytical, and stoic,” C^Pig.
-“Freelancing, vigil, perseverance, stoic, explorer, and spiritual,” Matcha Savage.

These men are all independent men, and they are the men that make The Independent Man. If wanted to know or anyone ever asks you what The Independent Man is, there is your answer.

~Uly the Cunning

On this day in history, Barbie showed how insecure women are

On this day, March 9, in 1959, Babrie was displayed for the first time. This was the first time a toy featuring a mature female was mass produced. The Barbie stood eleven inches tall, with full and long blond hair. The creator of Babrie was a woman by the name of Ruth Handler, who co-founded Mattel, Inc. with her husband in 1945. The duo would continue to make toys for years to come, but none quite as controversial as the Barbie.

While the initial Barbie doll was inspired by a German doll named Lilli, from a comic strip character, the doll would be doomed to constant change and argument as the women were never happy with the look and still argue about how Barbie should look. This doll would be criticized as a stereotype of women with impossible dimensions to acquire, as the concept of it just being a doll to play with would be forgotten. The focus will forever be about women competing with the appearance of a doll.

This ongoing struggle shows the lack of confidence that women have, that they feel threatened by a kid’s toy. This also shows how they take that issue and put it on everyone else to deal with. Once a female feels that she is inadequate, she attacks and attempts to change that which she feels threated by, making progress wait for them to find validation. This problem is largely found in situations where more women gather together. Once they begin gossiping, it becomes a contest, and that is something the female mind seems to be unable to get past.

This issue has largely harmed the youth of boys who get put into the firing line of these females’ squabbles. Now, we face boys being constantly told how lesser they are compared to girls in nearly every facet of society. In my youth, I learned the the poem:

“What are little boys made of?
Snips and snails
And puppy-dogs’ tails
That’s what little boys are made of

What are little girls made of?
Sugar and spice
And everything nice
That’s what little girls are made of”

This sexist propaganda is everywhere, all because the female has a problem with self-confidence. They need constant validation of their beauty and worth, and cannot tolerate competition. Not even from a toy.

~Uly the Cunning

Every Man Deserves a Good Life

In this modern society, men are constantly driven to provide and give to women and then told how horrible they are for being a man and not doing enough. Nothing is ever enough. The social, entertainment, and press medias continue to bash men and lift women as being superior. When a man is finally talked about in a positive way, they do so through racial reasoning, to ensure division among men. This constant push to belittle men and their human value ensures cheap labor and government power to grow. Just when men decide to think for themselves, we get flooded by media to build racial tensions or some other variation of division, so men will be less willing to trust one another. This barrier between those that control this media and those that are targeted by it is called a class system. Mike the MGTOW Monk did a video recently about a research project with mice, showing how the class system works and how the workhorse is used, receiving little for his labor. Watch the video below.

With the recent push of racial tensions in the media in the past decade, I have seen many who did not exemplify these racist behaviors, and an extreme few who did. I found that most who did hold to a racist ideology did so out of anger that they could not let go, or ignorance that they refused to learn more about. In my experience, men of any color still bleeds red, still breathes oxygen and still feels pain. We should not allow ourselves to fall victim to the media’s outpouring of propaganda that embraces the hatred, and we should not allow ourselves to be utilized by government or groups who attempt to control us through manipulation. Hate breeds disaster. Morgan Freeman said it best when he told Mike Wallace that Black History is American History. We are all one people, and allowing this division to get between us will only increase the rights we sacrifice in our future.

There should not be a black history month, white history month, or any racial month. Just as Morgan Freeman said, no race should have their history relegated to a month. If you are American, regardless of your skin color, you deserve to be celebrating and celebrated in American History. Men are continuing to be divided in this ridiculous standard, while women continue to abuse the legal system, empowered by the legal system, taking advantage of all men, regardless of your skin color. All men, of every color, deserves a good life. All men, of every color, is someone that I will stand up for and stand up with. Don’t relegate your history and your value, as all men are worth more than that.

~Uly the Cunning

For the first time, I agree with feminist.

Women have been using children as a weapon for possibly as long as they could have them. The female mind is self-preservation and often tossing children as a tool for sympathy or revenge, or even a shield of responsibility or consequences. The strange part comes to how this is accepted as an okay behavior and often expected with misplaced understanding. What happens if you force the female to be responsible and face consequences for her actions?  This question might finally have an answer if this concept of a Man’s financial Abortion is accepted into law.

Some feminist are speaking up to give fathers the right to opt out of the financial burden of having a child. Feminist are on board for this, as they hear time and time again how we point out the truth of their weakness and inability to be the self-proclaimed strong woman that they so desperately want us to believe they are. Without the ability to have the government forcing an undeserved income from a hard working man, how will the self-chosen single mother get by? Well, she will have to rely on big daddy government for handouts or make something of herself.

This is the first time I have seen a feminist say something that actually made sense. There is no reason that any man should be forced to pay for a woman’s indecisive and emotionally unstable decisions. If you hook up with a woman, she pokes holes in your condoms, lies about being on the pill, or any numerous way that women entrap men, including lying about even having sex with him and getting pregnant from an entirely different man. This gives the man a choice to say, no, I will not be pulled into that vortex of lies and deceit. She will have to face the consequences of her actions on her own, and I will not be her whipping boy to take the punishment of her poor life decisions.

This is something that has been an ongoing battle on both sides, but the recent interest in this by feminist has been promising. This is a chance for them to put some action behind their loud mouthed claims that have had no reinforcement before this. This is a chance for women to be that strong and independent woman that they so desperately want everyone to believe that they are.

I am for the option of a Man’s Financial Abortion.

~Uly the Cunning