1985: United States Patent 4,768,149 is filed

United States Patent 4,768,149 is filed on August 29th, 1985 which describes the basic intentions and implementation of the original Ctrl-Alt-Del keystroke.   

David J. Bradley, PhD. wrote the interface code for the new design, which included the key stroke series that allowed programmers to reboot their computers without losing data or time by completely power cycling the unit.  Bradley was one of twelve Electrical / Computer Engineers whom developed the ROM BIOS code for the original IBM Personal Computer (PC) in Boca Raton, Florida. 

Ctrl-Alt-Del was never intended to be used by end users, however the key stroke combination was included within technical documentation and quickly became the remedy of choice when users were confronted by the “Blue Screen of Death“. 

Dave Bradley and Mel Hallerman chose the key combination as it was practically impossible to accidentally press the combination on the original 83 key original IBM PC keyboard. 

This prototype computer code and computer were submitted to a new computing company named “Microsoft” for implementation with the PC in 1981.  

Dr Bradley later moved to the IBM facility located in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina and taught within the North Carolina State Universities College of Electrical and Computer Engineering. 

[North Carolina’s pitch to lure Amazon’s second headquarters included placing ads on Seattle buses boasting of the state’s firsts. Turns out it wasn’t where the ctrl+alt+del computer command was invented. The state has been home, however, to the inventor.]

Many publications have attributed this achievement to occurring in other physical location, N.C. being just one of them. 

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