Friday Night Organ Archive

BACK to Merry old England post civil war and Henry Purcell! (14/04/2019)
Tonight I indulge a request! (05/04/2019)
The Red Priest. (29/03/2019)
March 8th, a tragic day indeed. (08/03/2019)
Friday night Organ – by Old Buck (26/01/2019)
The Italian Bach (11/01/2019)
Selling one’s soul to the Devil and the murder of a 17th Century PUA, yup Italy con’t (04/01/2019)
PREGO! The Italian Baroque takes OFF!(28/12/2018)
Christmas at All Saints Church Oystermouth, The Mumbles Swansea. Or Somewhere the hell in Wales (21/12/2018)
The most eminent violinist in Europe (at least in 1660) (14/12/2018)
NOT TONIGHT! Instead we have an Austrian Pastry (07/12/2018)
South Germany Con’t; the German composer who is REALLY French!(30/11/2018)
The South German Organ School (24/11/2018)
The Swabian who created the Baroque Suite!(16/11/2018)
Everything comes in threes (09/11/2018)
How does this thing WORK!(02/11/2018)
Praetorius and Weckmann (26/10/2018)
The organist who left us NO organ music! (19/10/2018)
The Orpheus of Amsterdam. (12/10/2018)
Back to Germany, Finally. (05/10/2018)
The Italian Baroque CONTINUES! (28/09/2018)
Gabrieli, is that some new kind of pasta? (21/09/2018)
Pop culture dudes of the 16th century. (14/09/2018)
Ha, not tonight! Something completely different. (07/09/2018)
The English are a RUNAWAY TRAIN. (01/09/2018)
Doing Some Cleanup. (24/08/2018)
The Italian Renaissance takes England by STORM! (19/08/2019)
The Elizabethan love-affair with the Madrigal (18/08/2019)
The Franco Flemish School Kidnapping case! (17/08/2018)
Un cimbalo di cipresso di piano e forte. (10/08/2018)
Back to the Beginning. (03/08/2018)

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