March 8th, International Male Oppression Day

No day signifies how unfairly men are treated in the world than March 8th. The above and beyond privileges of women are magnified and celebrated, as they continue to demand more privileges each and every year.

Last year, I posted on this on Twitter and was banned less than one minute after the tweet. Men are not allowed a voice, opinion, thought or platform, as women continue to demand they are the only ones that deserve unearned respect and rewards. They do this, all while constantly shouting how oppressed they are from their mansions built by men.

We have all seen the many ways in which women continually push men down in the name of their version of equality, but I think this year we should start a new trend. This year, join me in once again wishing everyone a Happy International Male Oppression Day.

~Uly the Cunning


The Independent Man Continues to Grow

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~Uly the Cunning

Shocking Statistics of the modern day woman. (By BeachBum)

For the Holidays to reinforce how great it is to be alone, Here are various government statistics of today’s woman and their poor choices… I feel for our younger blue pill men believing they can find a good girlfriend/wife in todays society amongst the pool of bad behavior and poor choices that occur in high percentages of woman…


Prescription Drugs-

66% of woman use prescription drugs between the ages of 18 to 34.

My opinion is that pharmaceuticals are engineered chemicals that alter our body’s chemistry to achieve results. Not to mention the horrifying side effects and permenent alteration of body chemistry from extended use. Woman are so easy to pop a pill to get them through their shitty lives..

Abortion- ( 2017 statistics)

19% of woman ages 15 – 19 had an Abortion

33% of woman ages 20 – 24 had an AbortioN

25% of woman ages 30+ had on abortion

Aside from the religious reasons for pro-life, abortion is a big lie for woman. It’s not just a simple medical procedure like removing a tumor. Many woman afterwards feel Guilt, shame and low self-esteem from realizing they took a life away, Despite what society told her that it’s “all OK to have an abortion- it’s your female right over your body”

Single Mothers- ( 2017 statistics )

25% of woman are single mothers

40% of babies born are to single mothers

Income for Single Mothers- ( 2017)

32% make $40k or more yearly

10% make $80k or more yearly

Median Income for Single Mothers in 2011 was $20k

These stats are for the “Millennial woman” group, but the age group was not specified. It goes to show you that only about 10% of single Mothers realistically make enough money on their own to raise a family by herself. Kids are expensive, $80k seems like poverty in today’s world to have enough for how expensive kids are. It also reflects that about 68% of Single Mothers are below income of $40k. These stats don’t even account for Child Support, but show a wider reality that woman will have children when they can’t even support themselves alone..



58% estimated of woman in todays society have tattoos.

This covers all ages of woman. It’s common knowledge among men that woman with tattoos “put out easily”. To me, tattoos on a woman have always been a sign of a whore and promiscuity. What man wants a wife that’s had a shit load of sexual partners before him?


It was hard to find specific demo statistics for woman in certain age groups. But it’s estimated that 1 in 4 woman have Herpes. This doesn’t even account for all the other STD’s.

Take heed Blue Pillers, Woman are a mess all around! Like when “Dufrain” wrote to “Red” in that letter found under the big tree- “I hope this Thread finds you Blue Pillers, and finds you well!”


Discussing the Impact of Social Media on Dating (by C^Pig)

I once had a conversation with a brother where we were discussing the impact of social media on dating.

I’ll call 2007/2008 as the beginning of the modern social media/smartphone era. I’ve dated women on both sides of this divide as had he. There are massive differences in dating culture pre 2007/2008 whenever compared to the shit show we call today. To summarize, I must say the negative traits of women in the dating pool have been massively amplified by smartphone technologies and on more fronts than can be written.


For example, let’s examine the online dating dinner simp rinsing phenomena. Pre-social media, when a woman’s potential simp pool was 1-3 orders of magnitude smaller, even the simpiest of men would quickly learn that a particular woman was a rinser and word quickly spread. Now, women can attract fresh simp supply from a surprisingly large area. My research has provided multiple examples of actual simps pleading to drive two hours to meet one of my props. No, I called him off the chase.


Pre-social media, one generally knew your competition. Whenever a Chad arrived into the physical realm, he was damn obvious to even the thickest blue pill addled mind. Today, a woman can easily have multiple secret Chads with whom she consorts. In my observations, normal women tend to stick to a single Chad while the promiscuous ones often have multiple Chads. Every one of my props, will get Chads coming on to it nearly immediately. These Chads are surprisingly easy to manipulate often behaving as if they were trained seals.


I remember a world prior to 2007 where one would be able to spend “quality” time with a female without her shoving her stinking beak into a smartphone screen every 10 minutes. Now that she has multiple orders of magnitude of more men available to her, she gets pinged constantly. I remember when I first encountered having to actually compete with a social media equipped smartphone thinking how rude she was. I would advise men to use this to our advantage as an indicator in gauging a female’s interest in you. If she is into you, then most of those orbiters will be rejected. However, the wiliest ones can quite easily hide their most special, chaddy orbiters from you. Beware!


Social media has rendered dating moot. It hobbles men as much as it empowers women to become the souless looters they are. It took this particular conversation for me to realize that smartphones/social media played a significant role in my choice to become Independent. We are not alone.

Casualties of Feminism


While there is a lot of information out there and we see it everyday in person, it is still a good reminder. Women choose to be single mothers for the attention, accolades, and most importantly, the money. Next time a woman tells you that she is a strong/poor/proud single mother, tell her that means there is a dad somewhere being kept from his children by a selfish single mother. Even more, ask if she is so strong not to need the man’s money to support her choice to be a single mother.

Single Mother Statistics

“Once largely limited to poor women and minorities, single motherhood is now becoming the new “norm”.

This prevalence is due in part to the growing trend of children born outside marriage — a societal trend that was virtually unheard of decades ago.

About 4 out 10 children were born to unwed mothers. Nearly two-thirds are born to mothers under the age of 30.

Of all single-parent families in the U.S., single mothers make up the majority.

According to U.S. Census Bureau, out of about 12 million single parent families in 2016, the vast majority — more than 80% were headed by single mothers.

Today 1 in 4 children under the age of 18 — a total of about 17.2 million — are being raised without a father and almost half 40% live below the poverty line.

For those living with father only, about 22% live in poverty. In contrast, among children living with both parents, only 11% are counted as poor.”

What we see is a the constant abuse of men and children by the hands of the female claiming her abusive behavior is empowerment of feminism.

~Uly the Cunning

Men have no right to defend themselves.


Women have an innate ability to never take fault for their actions. This is a well understood thing, but overlooked is the way that they shift blame and how we are shamed to call them out or try to defend ourselves from their bad behavior and lies. The video below displays the typical tantrum that you will find when a woman is not getting her way. Having been married and dated many women, I can tell you that all of the women I have experienced have done this exact same thing.

Watching this video, you will first notice how unreasonable the woman is behaving. You hear how she accuses the guy repeatedly for her irrational behavior and how he is the great oppressor. More importantly, at 02:44, the husband points out how women is now texting, posting on facebook, and telling the world of how bad the husband treats her, which she even confirms that she doing so, along with more excuses and tantrum. This wild and uninhibited behavior is unknown to anyone not witnessing the insanity in person or, in fortune of his foresight, this video. If you could read her messages, you will see things such as:

“He is”… “yelling at me”, “refusing to love me”, “hit me”, “is abusing me”, or something along the lines to play the victim card, which is more recently recognized widely as the ‘me too’ mentality.

The moment she sends these messages through the many methods of social media that she utilizes, everyone receiving them starts building a loathing mentality towards the man. He is automatically assumed the bad guy by all women and all blue pill men hoping for their chance at her. Without any proof of her claims, no matter how unreasonable her accusations are, everyone assumes they are true and she is the poor victim.

victim card

To add insult to injury to the man that had to suffer this child-like behavior from a grown woman, he is shamed for recording her to prove that he was not doing any of the lies that she propagated. The husband a bad guy for being insensitive to his wife.

To summarize this video, and the reaction by the women and blue pilled men who watched it, you can sum it up by saying that ‘the game is rigged.’ There is no escaping your position as the ‘villain.’ You are guilty for all that she accuses and if you prove she has lied, you are guilty of being insensitive to her feelings to have the right to claim you are guilty of these things. Women are the perpetual victim of their own feelings, irresponsibility, immaturity and mental breakdowns and the man is the imagined cause of all of this.


The only way to avoid this pointless and winless situation is to not get involved. The more you mingle with a woman, the less rights you have as a man.

~Uly the Cunning

Sell Me Marriage.

With the secret out, about how women are taking advantage of men in every way possible, and the government enforcing this scrupulous behavior, marriage is at an all time low. All of these women are now finding that they are aging alone, and trying to fill the void with cats. Ironically, cats are a lot like women, with conditional love, quickly changing their behavior from moment to moment, constantly changing their current desires and demands, with no sense of responsibility in any of it. Why would a man, who bases their life on logic in every way, except when it comes to love, want to partake in such a failed idea.
divorce graph
Today, due to these things, women are pulling out all of the stops. We see shaming, force, being put on the spot, manipulation, coercion, deviance, and so on and so on. Men are no longer biting the bait, and the women are flopping on the shores begging to be picked up. In some cases, instead of fish, manatees are more fitting. Either way, women are trying to sell men on marriage.

With these attempts, women no longer hide their high demands and selfishness in life. They expect the best while they offer nothing. They give a list of requirements, from looks to income, from intellect to willingness of servitude, from position to being put on a pedestal. These lists of demands will then judge a man, should they have to settle, to remind him of how unworthy he is of the woman.
The woman has no commitment in her heart. Whether the woman settles or by some miracle you meet all of your requirements, a time will still come when she begins to regret as she starts to believe that she can do better. She has fleeting feelings that she will follow, meaning that the man will eventually be part of her past, even the best of men. When she has made this decision, based on feelings, she will then treat the man as horribly as possible. She will blame him for everything not being the fantasy that she dreamed in her head, even if it was truly perfect. The man will then be dismissed any possible way once she has found another clueless man that has fallen for her siren’s call.

With all of this in mind, I am reminded to one of my favorite movie scenes, in which I have never even seen the movie. I just find this scene to be raw truth.

~Uly the Cunning

You are not a male and you never were. (by Sobieski)

I don’t want to get all grammar Nazi on you but this is important. I see it everywhere, people referring to people with penises (testicles, XY chromosomes) as male. OK. The word “male” has two uses. The first as is an adjective, as in a male firefighter, the male doctor, a part of the male anatomy. There is no problem with this; it is the correct usage for that adjective. The second use as a noun, e.g. “I have been studying a pack of wolves for six months and the males do most of the hunting”. As a noun, the word male always refers to lower animals that have penises. Dogs, cats, cows, they are lower animals and can be male.

The proper term for a human being that has a penis is a “man”. Said another way, the human male is properly called a man, by definition.
Why is this important? How did the Nazi’s get away with murdering all those people in the concentration camps? Simple, the Nazi’s never murdered a human, not one. They redefined the Jews, Roma, Slovaks, etc. as untermensch, sub humans. After years of brainwashing, the German people believed those people were no different than cattle, sub human. They kill cows all the time because they aren’t human, so why not kill the other sub humans?

You read the above and you are still not sure. Ok, call a woman (feminist) on line or real life a “female” and they go ape shit. I have done this many times and their reaction proves my point. They don’t want to be called “female” because they find it “dehumanizing”. That is quote from several online chats I’ve had. How is it any different for men? I have also seen feminist writers mix terms intentionally, e.g. “I saw a group of woman and males waiting for the bus.” It seems a little odd to be so inconsistent unless you are pushing an agenda. Watch for it and you’ll see it.
Pay attention to language as it is brainwashing. You aren’t a male, you never were. The human male is called a man. You are a man. Always remember that.

I tried love, I tried relationships, I tried companionship and this is what I learned

While I have dated many women, from many different backgrounds, economic standings, education levels, body shapes and locations, it is quite brief to summarize them. There is no better way to know that all women are the same, no matter what variables you throw in there.

The first thing you notice about a woman is her desperation. If she doesn’t sleep with you on the first night, willing to do anything, then she has a bigger target, or you are the backup, and she isn’t focusing on you. She is just seeing what she can get from you before you get tired of waiting for sex.

After the first night of sex, she will test the waters, and see if that bought her some easy money, gifts and attention from you. If you give her expensive things, she will then start to turn sex into a reward for you to keep doing so. It will become increasingly demanding to get the same sexual attention, until you run dry, financially. At this point, she is done with you, until you have a good amount of money in your savings again.


If you do not give her the attention, money and gifts after the first night of sex, she will then continue to give you sex, with nothing off the table, and might even up the intensity. This will continue for two weeks to a month, at which point most will start demanding things. It can be longer, if she thinks that she has hit the jackpot financially. A woman will be willing to put up with a lot, depending on how much money you have.
After the patience wears thin on her wanting and greedy eyes not getting, she will then become spiteful and insert remarks in conversations that she knows will incite negative emotions in you. The goal is to make you become aggressive, to where you feel bad for arguing with her, and buy her things as an apology.

If the argument scheme fails, she will do one of two things. She will assault you physically or through false allegations, in which you are automatically at risk of being considered the perpetrator by law without evidence to protect yourself (body-cam), or she will move on to the next target.

Most of my relationships, after being full red pill, end in about a month. Each one has sex with me on the first date. However, I end up dumping each one of them, and never say another word to them again, because they don’t deserve anything more. Sex is a mutually pleasurable thing.

I have since cut all of that crap, and given up the dating game, as there is still a level of stress that isn’t enjoyable, and really makes you gauge if the whole experience is worth it. In the end, I am not sure any woman I ever dated was worth the sex, but what is done is done.

If you haven’t dated, then know that this is all that you are missing. The game is about how to take you for all that you are worth. Women have no consideration of men past their wallet. If you have dated, than you know pretty much what I am talking about. For the young ones out there, it is better to not mess with the piranha pool, ‘lest you return with far less than you entered, if you return at all.

The only way a woman should approach me is:

~Uly the Cunning