T.I.M cover art explained (by Evil Genius)

There was considerable debate about what sort of picture should accompany the new site. Some guys wanted cowboys, others astronauts and so on. If we were all 10 years old and just opened a new chapter of the He Man Woman Haters Club–(see the Little Rascals for those of you younger than 50) those might have been appropriate.

But we’re all men; adult men with careers, responsibilities and an interest in our own personal development. I suggested the painting Wanderer uber dem Nebelmeer by Caspar David Friedrich. Which roughly translated means Wanderer above a Sea of Fog. Painted in 1818. What does this picture signify? The message is one of self-reflection, while facing a sea of the unknown. More importantly do you notice a detail in the painting? The man who is the subject of the painting has his back turned to the viewer.

He doesn’t care what came before or who is behind him because he is at a pinnacle, surveying the unknown future but boldly facing it alone and unafraid. It flatters my vanity that my picture was chosen above the others but in truth the art speaks for itself and us.

~Evil Genius

How to be TIM

The Independent Man does not need validation nor approval. He sees what needs to be done and does it. TIM will help others but does not sacrifice his sovereignty for anyone. When things go wrong, TIM uses logic and reasoning, while emotions lead those around him into ruin. Never will he give up his freedom by cohabitation, getting a woman pregnant or marriage. He knows that his freedom that took decades to achieve can be lost in just a brief moment.


While society lures men into chaos and servitude, I will stand upon the mountain as The Independent Man

~Uly the Cunning