ZOOM Breakout Room function

The use of breakout rooms allows the Host to split up a Zoom meeting into separate sessions, with a select group of participants removed from the main session.

The Zoom Support URL for further information is: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/206476313-Managing-Video-Breakout-Rooms

The below instructions are for Windows Platform users. Macintosh, Linux or smart device instructions may be found on the Zoom.us support page. Just add the page title in the search window and the applicable information will be displayed.

Breakout room participants should be selected manually for assignment to their respective room(s).  The session Host can move between breakout sessions and the main room at any time.

If everyone enters a breakout room, the main session room will be empty and anyone entering the session will think that it is unoccupied. It is recommended that the Host pop in and out if they are interested in the breakout session topic(s).

Breakout sessions have been created in the past to accommodate a small group’s desire to diverge from the “open discussion”  nature of the main room.  Hockey games have been watched, select members have discussed personal matters away from the eyes and ears of other members, specific technical issues have been resolved, Zoom member “issues” have been discussed and resolved, etc.

So, eight participants are logged into Zoom and four want to watch some T.F.M. video’s.  To create a breakout room, the host then clicks on “breakout rooms” or select “more” and then “breakout rooms” from the Zoom tool bar.

Click on those participants you want to transfer into the breakout room and anyone not checked will remain in the main session, but can be added later upon demand.  Once all participants are added to the room, clink on “Open All Rooms”, all participants will be moved to the breakout room after confirming the prompt to join the breakout room.

Breakout room participants can leave the room and return to the main meeting by clicking on “leave” in the bottom right of their screen.

Breakout room participants may also ask for “Host” assistance by clicking on the “Ask for Help” icon, middle  right of the toolbar.