ZOOM Screen Sharing Function

Zoom Video Communication session attendees can screen share any portion of their computer display with other session participants. Hosts can “lock screen share” so no session attendee can screen share when needed. The default setting is that any session attendee may screen share, but only one screen may be shared at a time. Be courteous and do not monopolize this function. Ask the host to move your presentation group into a breakout room for extended use of sharing and subsequent discussions.

The Zoom Support for further information

The below instructions are for Windows Platform users. Macintosh, Linux or smart device instructions may be found on the Zoom.us support page. Just add the page title in the search window and the applicable information will be displayed.

Start the Screenshare

  1. Click the Share Screen button located in your meeting tool bar. 
  2. Select the screen you want to share. You can choose an individual application that is already open on your computer, the desktop

Optional: Check Share Computer Sound: if you check this option, any sound played by your computer will be shared into the meeting.
Check Optimize for full screen video clip: Do not check this otherwise, as it may cause the screenshare to be blurry.
3. Click Share.

“Screen Share Menu” information

When you are screen sharing, the controls will appear in a moveable bar. It is typically at the top of your screen, but you can drag it around as needed.

  • Mute/Unmute: Mute or unmute your microphone.
  • Start/Stop Video: Start or stop your in-meeting video. 
  • Participants/Manage Participants: View or manage the participants (if the host).
  • New Share : You can click on New Share to start a new screen share without first stopping your current screen share. It will replace the screen that you are currently sharing, as you can only share one screen at a time.
  • Pause Share : This will pause your current share and not show any changes to your screen until you choose Resume Share.
  • Annotate : Is disabled on this license.  
  • More: Hover over move for additional options. In addition to the Invite, Recording, and Live Streaming options, the options for Chat, Closed Caption, video and audio settings and ending the meeting move under More. There are also new settings specific to screen sharing.

    Disable/Enable Attendee Annotation: Is disabled on this license.

Hide Video Panel: When you are screen sharing, the video will be in a moveable window. If you want to hide the video panel, select this option.

Optimize for full-screen video clip: If you are sharing a video clip in full screen(not your live camera feed), we recommend checking this option.

  • Stop Share: Select this to stop your screen share.